Go to the 1 hour loop of this song. Play. Forget it's playing. And 35 minutes later realize that it's still playing. This is that sort of song.

These people are going places! This guy sings with such emotion. Listen to the live video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9aALg-ZNeQ The second half of the song, post 2:15. The pain with which he sings the song! I fell in love with them then.

Oh, Ophelia. I wrote a whole blogpost on this. Ophelia, the name has a much more significant meaning to it. Go ahead and read :) bhardwajrish.blogspot.com

This instrumental, is mental!

Another one of those 1 hour loop songs. Play. Forget.

Another happy song! Love these two dancing around :D

When I met you in the summer :D Most songs I relate to someone with. This one just doesn't.

This is the happiest song ever! Plus, man the number of celebs. Whoot!

Yes, this song is super popular. And everyone's heard it. But I think we can all give it one more listen! :D

The original song wasnt an edm. Aloe Blacc, and that's when I heard a couple other of his songs. He's a brilliant artist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_o6axAseak Do read up more about Aloe!

Ive been hooked to this song since it came up on my suggestions list. Ayushmann Khurrana comes up with such peaceful music, compared to the other Punjabi songs which are hardcore party songs.

Magic! :)

I've probably heard this song more than any of the others listed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TSxB_Tb2F0 -the couple change their sweaters about 20 times throughout the song!

My all time favorite. I really wanted to learn to skateboard after this song. I started inline skating instead.

One of my favorites. And there isnt any version better than the original.

Beyonce is just amazing in this. This was the only song in my phone while traveling to Dharamshala via bus from Delhi. 10 hours, one song.

The Nights. The Days. I like the nights more.

Hahhaha. This song just makes me laugh.

Another one of Hans Zimmer's amazing music. He really is one of the best on this planet.

Everyone's heard this song. A friend suggested this mix. Do listen :)

You just cannot not like this song.

Another song from the 21 pilots phase.

The video! There's an alternate video- a video of a wolf and an army man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ncIVUXZla8. Its brilliant :)

The video and the song. Worlds apart! ..unless you become philosophical and figure out why they made it like that. Or. You just read the comments.

This isn't like the rest of Adam Levine's songs.

I'm in love with this song. I used to dislike edm initially, and this was one of the first edm's I started with. The song reminds me of a really close friend from freshman year.

Avicii Avicii. The lyrics video has more views than the original video. Quite brilliant :)

The real rapture. 2006 :')

There's a tiesto remix to this song. And it is worth listening to! Although it's just a slower remix of this song.

Dharamshala, 2016 - my first solo trip. I used to sit on hilltops for hours listening to this song.

Read the story behind the man in this song. You'll fall in love with the song automatically.

There has to be a better cover to this song.

Hahahha. I'm embarrassed putting this up here :P But it is super catchy!

Electric guitar. This version, at Victoria's secret. Listen :)

You know what? I still can't figure out why there isnt a social connect for music.

Like LinkedIn connects professionals, and Facebook connects friends, there should be a SongStory connecting people with similar tastes in Music.

I can almost imagine where the startup would be placed in Silicon Valley's theme song. [Silicon Valley reference!]